Hentam Sajalah is a smash hit game show that puts a bizarre twist on sports. Each week, two teams square off in a variety of wacky challenges, in order to win the most points to avoid the dreaded elimination. The surviving team will face one last obstacle, a final showdown with seasoned athletes in order to win a cash prize. Will our contestants get dunked on by their opponents? Or will they hit a home run in these amazing athletic feats?  Winner of the 2016 Asia TV Forum & Market (ATF) Formats Pitch, Hentam Sajalah provides high tension workouts for the contestants and hilarious entertainment for the whole family. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to HIT IT! 

[ suzairhe sumari ]


Host. Referee. Gamemaster.

Suzairhe serves as our multi-talented judge as he oversees all the craziness that breaks out during the games.

Fortunately, this is not his first rodeo, as Suzairhe has hosted other hit shows, such as Portret and Anugerah!.